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Welcome to Wingman Garage

We are here to do whatever we can to accommodate you and your needs. Wingman has your back!

Our rates are FLAT! That means there’s no upcharge to use certain tools or areas of the shop. Your appointment includes everything Wingman has to offer, which consists of:

  • A 200+ pc Mechanics Tools Set (per bay!)
  • Battery Powered Drills & Impacts
  • A 9000lb lift
  • Torque Wrenches & Breaker Bars
  • Oil & Coolant disposal areas
  • A transmission Jack
  • Sand Blast Cabinet
  • Parts Washing Stations
  • Scan & Diagnostic Tools
  • Tap & Die Sets
  • Spring Compressors

And much more!

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All of our appointment pricing is prorated. We use these time blocks to better schedule each bay for the work being performed. 

1-2 Hour Appointments

  • General Maintenance (light bulbs, wipers, air filters, etc)
  • Under Carriage & Overall Inspections
  • Oil & Filter Changes
  • Coolant & Transmission Fluid Changes
  • Wheel & Tire Rotations 

3-4 Hour Appointments

  • Exhaust Installations (Axle/Cat Back systems)
  • Intake Installations
  • Brake Maintenance (Pads & Rotors)
  • Suspension Maintenance / Upgrades
  • Radiator Swaps / Upgrades>
  • Removal & Installation of new bumpers, lights, fenders, seats, etc
  • Wiring Work

6-8 Hour Appointments

  • Clutch Jobs
  • Brake Upgrades (Caliper swaps, Line Changes)
  • Complete Exhaust Upgrades (Manifolds, Catalytic Converters and so on)
  • Turbo & Supercharger Maintenance / Upgrades
  • Suspension Maintenance / Upgrades
  • Lift & Level Kits for Trucks
  • Differential Swaps
  • Radiator Swaps / Upgrades
  • Removal & Installation of new bumpers, lights, fenders, seats, etc
  • Wiring Work

2 Day Appointments

  • Engines Swaps
  • Transmission Swaps
  • Head Gasket & other Major Engine overhauls
  • Turbo & Supercharger Maintenance / Upgrades
  • Custom Fabrication (No welding)
  • Subframe Work / Changes

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