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Wingman Garage Community Car Build

Wingman Garage is doing a community car build, where you have the opportunity to participate in the build of this car! Anyone and everyone is welcome to come learn, teach, and enjoy the company of like-minded enthusiasts who all share the same passion for anything automotive.

Stop by Wingman during the times below to be a part of that events build progress. There is no cost to participate in these events!

Event Schedule

Below you’ll find the full list of events with dates, times, and a quick overview of what we’ll be working on that day.

  • Event #1 – Tuesday, March 15th – 6 to 9pm

    Maintenance – An oil change with a new filter, new trans fluid and a coolant flush! We’ll also install new spark plugs and wires, a new thermostat and maybe a valve cover gasket.

  • Event #2 – Tuesday, April 5th – 6 to 9pm

    COILOVERS! – That’s right, it’s time to give this car a proper suspension and nice drop. We’ll rip out the old worn-out parts and install a nice new setup.

  • Event #3 – Tuesday, April 26th – 6 to 9pm

    Intake & Exhaust – Time to unlock a little extra horsepower and torque by allowing the engine to breath better with a new intake and a more performance-oriented exhaust. The car should sound a lot better too!

  • Event #4 – Tuesday, May 17th – 6 to 9pm

    Brakes & Wheels – Time to upgrade the stopping power. New performance pads and rotors should be a big help. We’ll throw on bigger wheels and a fresh set of tires to finish off the look!

  • Event #5 – Tuesday, June 7th- 6 to 9pm

    Exterior Refresh – New headlights and tail light assemblies, along with a lip kit will add a nice touch the exterior styling!

  • Event #6 – Tuesday, June 28th – 6 to 9pm

    Audio – Who doesn’t like listening to music? A new head unit and a custom subwoofer will be wired in for your enjoyment!

  • SHOWCASE EVENT - Saturday – August 20th – Noon to 4pm

    Showcase Event - Come check out the finished build!

  • TREASURE HUNT - Sunday - October 30th - Map is released at 11am

    This is what you've been waiting for! Fill out the form below to purchase your map. Everyone will receive the map and clues at the same time on Sunday. Then, the hunt is on!

See this video link for how everything is going to work:

Purchase a treasure map

Decipher the clues and be the first to find the keys to the car!

  • Only $20 Per Map

    The treasure map will give you the clues to find the keys to the car.

  • Buy Your Treasure Map Here

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